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Selamat Menulis

Selamat Datang di Dunia Blog, dan selamat menulis…

Pengelola blog kembali mengingatkan akan peraturan pemakaian Blog Universitas Widyatama Bandung adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. Blog ini merupakan milik Universitas Widyatama termasuk didalamnya seluruh sub domain yang digunakan sehingga apa yang terdapat didalam blog ini secara umum akan mengikuti aturan dan kode etik yang ada di Universitas Widyatama Bandung.
  2. Blog ini dibuat dengan menggunakan aplikasi pihak ke tiga (WordPress), dan lisensi plugin plugin didalamnya terikat terhadap developer pembuat plugin tersebut.
  3. Blog ini dapat digunakan oleh Karyawan, Dosen dan Mahasiswa Universitas Widyatama Bandung.
  4. Dilarang melakukan registrasi username atau site/subdomain blog dengan menggunakan kata yang tidak pantas.
  5. Dilarang memasukkan konten dengan unsur SARA, pornografi, pelecehan terhadap seseorang ataupun sebuah institusi.
  6. Dilarang menggunakan blog ini untuk melakukan transaksi elektronik dan pemasangan iklan.
  7. Usahakan sebisa mungkin untuk melakukan embed video atau gambar di bandingkan dengan melakukan upload secara langsung pada server.
  8. Pelanggaran yang dilakukan akan dikenakan sanksi penutupan blog dan atau sanksi yang berlaku pada aturan Universitas Widyatama sesuai dengan jenis pelanggaran yang dilakukan.
  9. Administrator berhak melakukan pembekuan account tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu jika dianggap ada hal hal yang melanggar peraturan.
  10. Aturan yang ada dapat berubah sewaktu waktu.

Beberapa Link terkait Universitas Widyatama

  1. Fakultas Ekonomi –
  2. Fakultas Bisnis & Manajemen –
  3. Fakultas Teknik –
  4. Fakultas Desain Komunikasi Visual –
  5. Fakultas Bahasa –

Layanan Digital Universitas Widyatama

  1. Biro Akademik –
  2. Rooster Kuliah –
  3. Portal Mahasiswa –
  4. Portal Dosen –
  5. Digital Library –
  6. eLearning Portal –
  7. Dspace Repository –
  8. Blog Civitas UTama –
  9. Email –
  10. Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru –

Partner UTama

  1. Putra International College –
  2. Troy University –
  3. Aix Marsielle Universite –
  4. IAU –
  5. TUV –
  6. Microsoft –
  7. Cisco –
  8. SAP –
  9. SEAAIR –

Academic Research Publication

  1. Microsoft Academic  –
  2. Google Scholar –

Info Web Rangking

  1. Webometric –
  2. 4ICU –

Clinical evidences of global warming

Clinical evidences of global warming

Climate change is actually a constant increasing amount of everyday surface temperature conditions for this planet’s conditions devices. These recent modifications to surface heat range, along with other influences related for this multiply, have taken to brightness the advantages of their mitigation as an approach of averting a possible devastation occasioned by planet’s inability to promote life span. Continue reading

You can count on our cite machine – journal Chicago generator solutions for we have now been capable to return up with clearly analyzed and defined subject material that may sweep your anxieties away

You can count on our cite machine – journal Chicago generator solutions for we have now been capable to return up with clearly analyzed and defined subject material that may sweep your anxieties away

You could potentially depend on our cite machine – journal Chicago generator providers for we’ve been capable to return up with perfectly analyzed and discussed subject matter that should sweep your concerns away

Quality Cite Journal Chicago Generator Products. The cite journal Chicago generator we offer is up-to-date that is certainly Chicago sixteenth ed. or Turabian seventh ed. The design is produced up of two units which are utilized for citation which is the writer day procedure likewise as being the bibliography solution. In the majority of record classes the bibliography and notes product are implemented in which endnotes or footnotes are utilized by this platform then a bibliography. Don’t forget to nearly always check out while using the instructor or professor within the Turabian or Chicago platform of citation make use of. Most Hassle-free Cite Journal Chicago Generator Supplier – Cite4me. The fundamentals of citation contents for this type include things like on citation machine

  • Name belonging to the author
  • Volume number
  • Page numbers
  • Journal name
  • Title in the article
  • Year published

In regard to an brief article that may be located with a print journal recall to in method of a be aware for making a listing with the distinct web page figures which have been consulted. Regarding the bibliography it is best to checklist or reveal the vary for the webpages for the entire review. In relation to an post identified on an online journal conversely, you might want to encompass a Electronic Item Identifier in the event the journal lists any. This is sort of a everlasting ID which if included to inside of the the web browser’s deal with will direct you to definitely the resource. Just in case the DOI lacks just record the URL. You’ll need to also insert the obtain day in which it’s always essential by your self-control or publisher.

A properly Comprehensive Journal Chicago Format Citation Generator: Chicago Format Citation Journal Generator

You will likely be capable to excellent journal Chicago format citation generator companies you are doing not ought to search anymore on the grounds that we don’t just supply you with the services and also do the citation for you. You wish to obtain the guidelines at your fingertips which we are going to show you how to with.

  • Reverse the main author’s to start with identify, then destination a comma at the conclusion of the final identify, lastly a time period when crafting the main title. Make certain the title seems mainly because it is around the journal.
  • Write the entire post title then a interval. Pretty much everything which is the title and interval must be in quotation marks. First of all letter capitalization and sentence type are satisfactory but guarantee that the bibliography is reliable.
  • The journal’s identify follows and that’s almost always italicized. Just be sure you omit the introductory article content on the identify with the journal. Abbreviation for the journal title is authorized and this is very observed with scientific performs.
  • After producing the title of your journal you can still now condition the quantity quantity just where a difficulty selection ought to use whether it is given plus a comma and textual content no. should precede it.
  • Indicate yr revealed and guarantee that it’s in parentheses. Right after this destination a colon, website page figures the blog post is discovered and at last a interval.
  • For online publications confirm that you choose to embrace the article’s world-wide-web handle.

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FUTURE Troubles FOR Heath Care Treatment Managing

FUTURE Troubles FOR Heath Care Treatment Managing

Internationally, one of the most exceptional troubles confronted by numerous government authorities concerns the provision of health care professional services. Despite the fact that improvements are already produced in clinical study to improve development and reduce expenditures, the price of medicinal companies has regularly preserved expanding. Continue reading

What exactly is the future of the imprinted training books in the a digital time?

What exactly is the future of the imprinted training books in the a digital time?

A digital age has improved the whole world in different ways. The fact is, it provides transitioned different things to do and difficulties during the world which range from music and songs field, sporting, fun to teaching. Continue reading